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Image by Jon Tyson

This magazine isn’t one that plays it safe. We were started by writers who veer on the more dangerous side, who want to see fiction and poetry that pushes boundaries and isn’t often considered politically correct. By this we mean works that aren’t afraid to be controversial or biting, not works that are bigoted in nature.

We are a liminal literary space. We want works that explore the murky, grey areas of the human condition.


Like our aesthetic, we want to be the seedy nightlife of the literary industry. Show us the darkness within the light and vice, the glitter on the dirt.


Send us works that you think will not be published by any other literary magazine.

-All accepted poetry and fiction will be compiled into digital issues twice a year. The second will be released in Spring 2023. 

-No identifying features within any document

-No previously published work

-Simultaneous submissions allowed

Prose Guidelines:

-Times New Roman font, 12 pt. sized

-Double Spaced

-Title on first page

-Page numbers included

-Only one story per submission

-20 Pages Maximum


Poetry Guidelines:

-3 poems maximum

-Other than that, go nuts!

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