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Greetings writers and poets! Welcome to Last Resort Literary Review!

We were founded because the founder, Kylee Webb, a writer herself, likes to veer on the more unconventional side of things and wanted to see more works that toe the moral line. We want works that shock us but not for shock’s sake. Show us passion, moral quandaries, anti-heroes, and those who have been marginalized.


We are called Last Resort because, in a tongue-in-cheek-way, we want to be the place you go to when all the other magazines tell you no. We also want to be the place where you put your best foot forward or if you want to send something new you’re trying. While we may have discerning taste, we are not picky about genre, content, or form.


If you want a more clear idea of what kind of content we publish, check out our recent publications under fiction and poetry.


Ultimately, send us works that you think no other magazine would publish.

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